Grow your GitHub sponsors.

Say thanks to your sponsors by offering rewards like access to private repos, private video tutorials, PDFs, ZIPs, and other files.

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With GH Perks you can give your GitHub sponsors a range of different goodies. Here are some of the perks and features I'm working on:

  • Access to private repos.
  • Private videos
    (tutorials, updates).
  • Secret links
    (docs, Discord invites).
  • Download codes (Steam, app stores).
  • Zips, PDFs, and other files.
  • A simple API to check your sponsors.
  • Download your sponsor list in CSV & JSON.
  • Customizeable landing page.
  • GH Perks is 100% open source itself.

Please let me know if there is a particular feature you want.

How it works.

  1. You sign in with GitHub to get your GH Perks page.
  2. You add rewards like private repos, videos, and files to each of your GitHub sponsorship tiers.
  3. You share your GH Perks profile and link to it from your sponsorship page on GitHub so sponsors can claim rewards.


I want to help developers turn their open source contributions into a sustainable career. Open source contribution doesn't have to mean "burn out", and it should be possible to do great work independently of any one company.

GitHub sponsorship is a good way for users to reward developers. GH Perks offers a way for developers to show their gratitude and directly reward sponsors back.

The result is a win-win-win where the public benefits from the work, the sponsor benefits from rewards, and the developer gets financial freedom to hack on the things they want.


GH Perks is free to try.

If you make less than $50 from GitHub sponsorships it's also completely free to use.

Once you make more than $50 per month you pay $10 $3 per month.

Payment is made simply by sponsoring me, @chr15m on GitHub. Use of GH Perks is itself a perk of sponsoring me - it's recursive!

GH Perks is also open source and you are free to self-host it.

Grow your sponsors.

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